The latest version of my first book which I am in the process of publishing: Clean Me: A Rough Guide to Van 'Art' in pdf format (4.37MB)

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MA Dissertation: The Rough Guide to Van 'Art' in pdf format (1.75MB)
 Essay considering what influences perceived structural shifts in the sites of consumption of computer-based art
Essay considering the lived experience of  'The English Garden' as an object and how it functions as a repository for meaning and identity
'Non-rational Devotion' an essay discussing how no method as a methodology can be a winner, particularily in creative work
Review of Bill Violas' 'Hall of Whispers' video installation at the Haunch of Venison

An interactive essay
beauty_and_the_beast comparing the beauty of the natural and the manmade

Interactive essay on Interactive Design

Interactive essay
Just what is Postmodernism anyway?

On myth & meaning in cyberculture Manmade Religion